Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random ruminations on the 2012 election

-- Don't let the results of the Iowa caucus this week fool you -- absolutely nothing is settled on the Republican side. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the winner, of course is the choice of the "establishment"; former Sen. Rick Santorum, finishing a strong second, is the favorite of the social conservative wing; and the curmudgeon Ron Paul, with very, very deep philosophical support, went a close third. Keep in mind, however, that Santorum thus far has escaped media scrutiny in this race, which won't last long -- there are reasons why he was crushed on his second reelection attempt in 2006, and we'll find out why.

-- If there was a loser this week it was the tea-party movement, whose favorite candidate, Michele Bachmann, decided to pack it in. Another social conservative, Rick Perry, probably will, although at this point he hasn't done so yet. Newt Gingrich didn't do all that well either, but that may be meaningless.

-- You want to know why the GOP will have trouble winning elections from here on out? Check out recent remarks that Gingrich and Santorum made about what they would to about poor African-Americans. Such people apparently don't mind offending folks for the sake of their base; the trouble is that they risk turning off undecided voters -- just as the GOP did in 1992 with its "culture war" convention -- in the process.

-- Nothing that has transpired so far has made me change my mind about Barack Obama's being reelected, which I've believed since he was elected the first time. One, the Republicans have always spent more time and energy trying to defeat him rather than telling people what they would do differently would one of them ascend to the top spot. Two, the people who might have a chance to defeat him on those grounds literally can't afford to run against him -- he has already raised $750 million and could push that total up to $1 billion. (Recall that he bankrupted Hillary Clinton, not the easiest thing to do.


Mark said...

Hi Rick, While "FIX News" is already heralding the front runner as a sure-thing nomination. The Cover-up ,concerning said front runner's religion's racially demeaning Blacks, will come back to bite both of them in the butt.When this breaks on their competitors news services, it's anyone's guess who may get the nomination. I , a man who has been blocked from "FIX News" contact page, And can see much of what both of us are saying falling on deaf ears ( except for your readers), am turning the bulk of my efforts to having an impact philanthropically in the private, business and Christian sectors. We can run the avenues available to us while we have the remainders of our freedoms to love our neighbors and impact the world for Jesus. To the degree we succeed, politicians will take credit for the positive changes they had no hand in, but, that should not deter us from "going about doing good and healing all that are oppressed by the devil."to quote the Gospel, in whatever manner God commends us to fulfill the great Comission...Mark David Madden

Mark said...

Hi Rick, this is my post Primary amendment.I thought it was unfair of the media to brand media anti-Mormon instead of anti-racist. I wanted to avert racial tensions or violence between Blacks and White ,,,,Americans. Jesus created our color , but, doesn't distinguish between us. If He did we would be in trouble, He is the King of the Jews. I've been betrayed by my Party, and by the news media. And the word is out anyway. Again, I will focus on preacing and teaching Jesus and my music while there is any freedom left in America. pray for the president and America. God Bless,,,Mark David Madden