Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Losing the future

Things are obviously getting desperate.

You know that's the case when the Christian political organization "Winning the Future" endorses former suburban Atlanta congressman and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich for the Republican nomination for president.

Think about this for a second: This group is supporting a man who has held only one political office in his entire life. A man who cheated on his first wife with his second and his second wife with his third. A man who sought power for its own sake, going up against Bill Clinton -- and totally lost, resigning his seat after being embarrassed in 1998. A man that, to my knowledge, has not produced a credible testimony as to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a changed life as a result.

No, it seems that "Winning the Future" has only one goal: Reestablishing the clout of the "religious right," even if it has to compromise essential tenets of the faith to do it.

And that won't happen -- the 2006 general election pretty much put an end to that, what with the shellacking the Republican Party took despite James Dobson's efforts with his "Stand for the Family" rallies. Let's not forget that conservative Christians never took folks from their side of the fence to task for supporting an immoral (some say illegal) war in Iraq and especially in response to the Jack Abramoff-fueled lobbying scandal.

What's worse from that perspective, it especially has no chance to unseat Barack Obama as president. None of the Republican candidates in the race has the money to compete with him -- it's no accident that the better prospects decided to sit this one out -- nor do they have the temperament to do anything but bash him. In short, they have nothing to offer but the same old, same old culture and class war which that side lost long ago but refuses to acknowledge.

More to the point -- why are Christians endorsing any candidate at all? Do we realize that we're not going to change the basic sin nature of the human race simply by legislation or "changing the culture?" Or is our goal simply to change this world so that we can live in it and avoid spiritual warfare? (Do you really believe that God will allow that?)

That's why I yawned when I learned about the endorsement -- it won't make any difference, either now or in the long run. And when I mean the "long run," I mean eternally.

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Mark said...

Hi Rick, it is becoming exremely visible that Agendists are all on their own "Crazy Trains( Ozzy)". Trying at "Winning" their selfish personal or party victories. Didn't the Apostle Paul warn about "factions/ party spirit", making us think that lining up with the right power brokers will bring us the 'salvation' we are desiring. It is not the "Economy Stupid", every boom in the recent economies crashed like Hindenburgs due to lack of ethics. S&L, Dot-Com, Stock/Real-estate all had some link of corruption to their falls. And most will admit this true. Watch this; now call lack of ehtics or corruption,,,SIN and now your a relgious nut.Welcome to the new America. Don't offend anyone by using "Christian "terms for the same thing they are already saying.And organizations endorse who is more likely to win, whether they are moral or not Repentance is the " Change " America needs, it means change of direction. But. are we talking or doing...God Bless...Mark David Madden