Friday, August 19, 2016

Democratic Derangement Syndrome?

I must admit that I’ve always been mystified by the pure hatred displayed over the years toward Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I really am, especially now.

At this point it can’t simply be about policies, especially since current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump isn’t, and never has pretended to be by anyone’s standards, a true conservative. Indeed, a number of evangelical Christians have pretty much ignored his flip-flops on abortion and embrace (at last publicly) of gay rights. It can’t be about “truthfulness,” since Obama and the Clintons don’t lie more than anyone else.

It seems to me that the situation comes about because, and only because, a Democrat targeted for defeat just won’t go down. And that’s juvenile.

In 1999 Bill Clinton of course beat the impeachment rap not simply because the charges were bogus, which they were, but also because he was able to talk his way back into the good graces of much of the public. Of course, Obama would have been impeached were his enemies in Washington able to find charges to do so — but they couldn’t.

And with Hillary Clinton, she’s had eight hearings on “Benghazi,” the last one going 11 hours. What’s worse from the perspective of her enemies, she seemed to be the only one standing after they tried to punch her lights out (figuratively); if anything, she’s emerged stronger than ever. And except for a choice few words, she’s pretty much ignored Trump, who’s called her “Hillary Rotten Clinton” and “the devil.” (And Trump’s base eats up those epithets.)

I’m forced to conclude that their critics want only someone to hate. Trouble is, such a hunger can never be sated because it’s all-consuming — even at the cost of their souls.

That’s what concerns me about this election, that if Hillary is elected, and at this point the odds strongly favor her, we’ll see four more years of sabotage. I don’t suspect that the people who don’t want her back in the White House will suddenly call off the dogs and accept her — I see them fighting her at every turn. And she has to know that as well. This appears personal, not just political — and won’t stand.

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