Friday, July 29, 2016

Now that it's official ...

We now have our combatants for the presidency — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; the former was expected but the latter wasn’t. Whatever, it will be another hard-fought campaign to become what some say it the leader of the free world.

I’m asking my fellow Christians one thing: Whatever you do, don’t trash Hillary. Oppose her policies if you must, but don’t start using nasty names — no “Hillary Rotten Clinton,” as Trump said earlier this week, and no vulgar T-shirts as were sold at the Republican National Convention last week.

I ask that for two reasons. One, it’s not going to work because she’s been through this before, with the persecution of her husband Bill during the 1990s. When she complained about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” right before he was impeached, she was telling the truth (I knew that because I’d done my own research years before). Bringing up “Benghazi” or emails won’t have any effect either, since it’s been clear from the start that it’s politically motivated.

The other is that much of the opposition to her is based purely on envy in that the focus is not so much on getting someone in the White House that folks like but simply keeping her out because they don’t. That’s no good reason because you have to have a positive — someone to vote for. Besides, hating her is bad witness in that some will say or do anything that’s against whether true or false, with most of what’s being said about her being false.

But what about the “judgment of God” on our nation? I’d first worry about the judgment of God on the church because He hasn’t executed that yet — and when He does it won’t be pretty. Indeed, He may be doing that now, with Christian influence being diminished because of our desire for power rather than our willingness to serve, essentially knocking God off His throne.

Remember, even if Hillary Clinton becomes president Jesus is still King. Remember.

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