Saturday, September 8, 2012

'2016: Obama's America' -- don't bet on that

You may remember four years ago that James Dobson wrote a hysterical screed complaining what might happen in America by 2012 -- of course, this year -- were Barack Obama elected president.  Any of you remember his predictions?

Of course, I don't.  And I also don't remember any of them coming true.

That's why I'm not going to bother with the current movie "2016 Obama's America," based on the book by conservative "scholar" and American Enterprise Institute fellow Dinesh D'Souza, which is supposedly based largely on Obama's books -- but which does pretty much the same thing.

Oh, I have every reason to believe that the movie will be more painstaking and more comprehensive than Dobson's rant, which I did read.  It will be slicker.  It reportedly has interviews, including with a half-brother in Kenya.  But the spirit of fear of change is the same, so it wouldn't be worth my time and money.

You see, D'Souza makes several mistakes.  One, he falsely assumes that everyone is driven by a fixed, unchanging ideology.  (Obama, in his renomination acceptance speech at last week's Democratic National Convention, said, "Times have changed, and so have I.")  Two, D'Souza apparently believes that Obama has the power to enact his agenda no matter what, conveniently forgetting that he has to deal with a Congress that can't get its act together and many of whose members intended to sabotage him from the outset.

What I'm seeing thus represents projection -- that is, that's what D'Souza would do were he in those shoes, which is a poor way to make an argument.

This represents also yet another desperate attempt to marginalize another sitting president, Bill Clinton of course being the first, that conservatives don't like.  With the passage and subsequent SCOTUS sanction of the Affordable Care Act, which the political right fought tooth-and-nail merely for political purposes; voter-ID laws either being threatened in court or running afoul of the Voting Rights Act; a campaign in several states questioning his eligibility to run in the first place; and his taking down of Osama bin Laden, they, clearly obsessed, simply paint themselves as just this side of crazy.

Which also tells me that they don't themselves possess the qualities to run a country.

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Mark said...

What is crazy is ,(Obama, Hilary, and This Administration),the chief supporters of the Arab Spring , still try to spin the Muslim Brotherhood as good . Look at Sudan and other countries where Sheriah is law. Next time you go to church , don't see people standing and singing. see rows of caskets . The Media has gone from calling Terrorists , Fundamentalists to calling them Extremists . After Jews , Americans and Evangelicals are on Islams genecide list. One of Allah's names is the Great Deceiver ; and they are permitted to lie to us Infidel's . Convert , Submit or Die will be your only choices if Islam Continues it's plan for America. . How many weeks after this 911 terrorist uprising was this Administration telling us "It was a video " when they knew day's after it was organized assault . What will be crazy is to sleep on and vote yourself , and fellow Christians into those caskets .