Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Rush needs and deserves to be shunned

Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.
-- John the Baptist, Matthew 3:8

Rush Limbaugh is probably in more trouble right now than he's ever been in.

Of course, last week the radio commentator lambasted as a "slut" -- and worse -- a Georgetown University law student who was asking for insurance coverage for contraception. Limbaugh's intemperate remarks caused a firestorm across the country, with folks (especially on the political left) calling for a boycott of firms who advertise on his show.

Seeing the threat of perhaps being a liability, Limbaugh issued a tepid apology, saying that he didn't mean it to be taken personally.

Sorry, but that's not enough. Keep in mind that he has made his nearly quarter-century career, let alone millions of dollars, making insults and personal attacks on people he doesn't like. He, as much as anyone, is responsible for the political and ideological polarization in this country, and I have yet to see any signs that he will change his ways.

I am not going to tell people not to listen to Limbaugh's show because they can make that decision for themselves. However, if you're a believer in Jesus Christ, Who demands a change in attitude and lifestyle to follow Him, you listen to him at your own risk because his on-air conduct mocks the kind of character that we Christians should strive to maintain.

"But he's witty," you may protest. Big deal -- the devil can be witty, too. Really, the kind of hate-filled resentment demonstrated regularly on Limbaugh's show should never be part of any Christian's diet, if for no other reason than it's "worldly." I personally will not be impressed with any "apology" he makes until he also shows remorse for trashing people on a regular basis and renounces that way of doing business.

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Mark said...

Although, I do not beleive that my tax dollars should pay for others contraception, I think Rush did more to blur the issue and divide Americans and Christians than Michael Moore or John Stewart ever could have. Whether the girl needed a pill for polysysctic ovary syndrome, or a prolific partying; Rush was the worst representation of the Conservative veiw point, tactless and demeaning..Should Planned Parenthood be forced to offer Christians Tracts at their door?? Don't turn pale , anyone; I think I made my point, Telling Christians they must pay for contraception or abortion tells them; "Choose God or Government" Still, between Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh, It is no wonder people think Christians, Conservative or Liberal are psychotics. You can't judge Jesus by those who misrespesent him, I seem to repeat that alot lately... Mark David Madden