Saturday, May 21, 2011

The end of the world -- NOT!

I come from a religious tradition that rejects the idea of the "rapture of the church" -- when Jesus supposedly comes down to take believers in Him out of this world and to heaven. Anyway, a couple of months ago, on the way into work I saw a man carrying a sign saying that it would happen on May 21, 2011. I said, to his face, that he was lying.

Now that the prophecy has been shown to be false -- and while a few people were convinced that it would happen, the vast majority of Christians correctly rejected it on the grounds that Jesus said that He Himself didn't know when He would return -- let's consider a couple of things.

One, a local revivalist said about two decades ago that, were there actually a Rapture, we'd hardly notice because of all the activity going on supposedly in His Name that in fact He didn't authorize. And that's especially the case in America, where many Christians are more interested in getting things, power, money and the like but truly aren't satisfied with Jesus. (At times I'm one of those.) Two, He said He would come as "a thief in the night," the point being that we're supposed to watch -- not wait -- for that.

So, with all the hoopla about whether He comes or not on this date or another, let's remember that, while He did say He'll be back, we need to be at His work until that day comes.

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