Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Is that all you got?"

Over the last couple of years a number of women have approached me on-line -- in most cases through some dating/introduction service I didn't realize I'd signed up for but also on Facebook; I usually don't respond because I don't like to meet them like that. Recently, however, two women I didn't know sent me messages with profile photos that were at least partially nude. (I blocked them from contacting me further and deleted their messages.)

But that raises a bigger issue. I don't care for nudity anyway -- I've seen my share of pornography but have no desire to see any more -- but, well, what about these women, most of who are young enough to be daughters if I had children, who feel they need to advertise in that fashion? Do they really think that they can get the attention of men by baring all?

Well, maybe that will work with some guys. But certainly not me.

For what it's worth, I'm certainly as visually-oriented as any man; however, I like to see women fully clothed because how they dress is a true reflection of how they carry themselves and thus their ability to maintain a relationship. My own preferences lean toward "elegant" and "flirty" (for the sake of any women reading this, I won't be any more specific than that). And, deep down, I think most men feel the same way -- they may "look" at cheesecake but prefer to settle down with someone more substantial. There's something to be said about "leaving something to the imagination."

So, ladies, please -- no more nude photos. They may look enticing but represent sizzle, not steak -- and I like mine medium-well.

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