Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Going on tour

As many of you know, every summer -- I always wait until then because my musical obligations at my church are finished by that time -- I make it a point to visit other churches, generally in the Pittsburgh area. It actually plays to my spirit of "ecumenism"; as much as I enjoy my church and have no plans to leave, I find it a good thing to know what's going on in other assemblies. (However, I do not go to churches that practice closed communion, such as Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or some those on some Lutheran denominations.)

God's people are there as well, which means so is He. It's possible that you can get so hooked on your own customs, theology, way of doing things that you can miss what He's doing in those churches. After all, He established them for particular reasons, so who am I to argue?

That said, one thing that I haven't gotten used to, and likely never will do so, is the exclusive use of rock music and contemporary choruses in a service, which has happened a number of times. While I have no problem with rock, having played it myself, I personally have come to prefer a variety of styles, including the classic hymns I grew up grew up learning. And I notice that virtually every church I visit is mono-cultural and dominated by one racial group. I guess that's OK for them.

But that's why I keep coming back to mine. -- it reflects the vision God gave me in the 1970s. I know when I start playing again in September, I'll be home, where I belong. And that's the point.

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